• A. Matutis gymnasium

School Address:
Jaunimo-6, Igliauka, Marijampolė distr, LT-69005, Lithuania
tel: +370 343 24641

First school in Ingliauka was founded by Marijonai monks. Some short mentioning of the school in written sources is from 1823.

Current school has grown from a primary school established in 1907. In 1937 Igliauka primary school had five grades, later six. During WWII the school functioned as four grade.

In 1944 Liubavas progymnasium was founded in Igliauka. Since 1946 it was full gymnasium. In 1951 it was renamed to Igliauka secondary school. In 1989 name of poet Anzelmas Matutis was given to the school.

After classes
There is active pupil council at school. They participate in the project "encourage the future", take part in profesion orentation and information program, organize school events and after classes activity.

Pupils of the school have a big choice of after class activity. There are clubs for nature lovers, handcrafts, sports and ornithology. During summer holidays kids attend summer camps.

Since 2001 there is a group of organization "Save the children" in the school.

In 1998 teacher Ilona Prajarienė and Varnabūdė woodward Gediminas Krikščiūnas have established club of forest lovers "Miškiniukas". Its members haave taken part in various contests, actions, visited national parks and reservations.

In 1996 teacher Petrutė Žiūrienė has initiated ornitohology club "Kregždutė".