• Places to visit

Anzelmas Matutis birthplace museum and wood sculpture park

In 3km North-West from Igliauka there is old farmsted in Zomcine village. It is a birthplace of kids poet Anzelmas Matutis-Matulevicius. There is memorial museum surounded by garden and nearby planted memorial park. Several international wood carvers symposiums and camps have taken place there. Their works now decorate the park. Algimantas Lanauskas taking care of farmsted has built a bridge over nearby pond.

Iglė lake

Most visited place in Igliauka is beaches of Iglė lake. Thanks to teacher Petras Klebaris and other members of fishers club the banks of the lake are well-groomed and attractive to visitors.

Lake is 8m deep, its area: 23,8ha, volume: 858 670 m3.


In the area there are several mounds whose in middle ages have formed a defence system.

As people were strongly fighting for indepence of Lithuania there are many memorial places and monuments.