• Igliauka and environs

Igliauka is located at the middle of Marijampolė - Prienai road, on the bank of Iglė lake. One kilometre East from the tow is located Paliai wood and wetland, where turf is escavated since 1958. Yglė creek outflows from the Iglė lake. It flows into Šlavanta rivulet running into Amalva lake. Dovinė rivulet runs from Amalva lake to Šešupė.

There several other lakes - Katiliukas, Pavasakė (waterlogged), Akelė, Ivoniškis, Leiciškiai - in the Igliauka environs.

Dovinė rivulet runs through Daukščiai village. In the neighbourhood - Varnupiai mound of of most pictureos in the area. The other, Šakališkiai mound, is located near same named village not far from Marijampolė- Prienai road. Digging it there were found remains of burned wooden castle. On the way to Klebiškis there is Pašlavantis mound. All three mounds were part of one defence system. They where linked by secret paths paved with stone and timber through swamp