• History

Igliauka village is located onthe bank of small Ygla (Iglė) lake 20km east from Marijampolė and 1km from Marijampolė-Prienai road. It got its name from the lake. Erlier the inhabitants were also called ygliai.

The location is mentioned in written sources dated from XVIII age. In 1781 count Mykolas Butleris encouraged by Vilnius bishop started building church. The construction was finished by his successor kazimieras Sapiega, who has donated 6000 goldens. In 1783 the church was consecrated.

In 1884 in place of wooden church there was built one of stone with nice tall tower. Unfortunatelly the tower was exploded during WW I, monastery buildings in the neighbourhood were demaged as well.

In the written sources were is a short note about school established by monks in 1823..